Coaching brings results and fresh perspectives. Those who undertake it can expect improvement in productivity and the attainment of relevant goals.


Increased productivity: Professional coaching maximises
potential and, therefore, unlocks latent sources of productivity.

  • 70%


    work performance

  • 61%


    business management

  • 57%


    time management

  • 51%


    team effectiveness

Positive People: Building the self-confidence of employees to
face challenges is critical in meeting organisational demands.

  • 80%



  • 61%



  • 57%


    communication skills

  • 51%


    live / work balance

Source: ICF Global coaching client study 2015

case studies

We have helped teams from within some of the world’s
most innovative and progressive companies.

How can a team achieve rapid yet strong expansion?

Supported the HR team of BSR's 100 staff through a period of rapid expansion by filling 5 of their 15 open roles in 3 months. A series of global grants were coming in as well as growth in their advisory service business across eight global locations. Some had been outstanding for a considerable period of time and were business critical. Shannon met with divisional heads throughout the company to refine requirements and drafted detailed interview questions and criteria. She took on several search assignments that had previously proved too difficult for the company to source, successfully filling senior positions in Hong Kong, Paris, New York and San Francisco across advisory, healthcare, climate change and gender issues.

How can we assess our future leaders and support their professional development?

We brought Shannon into deliver technical assessments for hiring the Head of Corporate Affairs as well as professional development of external affairs practitioners in Ghana. Shannon continued with us to deliver our first 90 Days on-boarding process and on-going Management coaching for our Corporate Affairs leadership. She brought huge value through her ability to bring out the best in our corporate affairs staff and to ensure that we hired, trained and retained the right people for the right roles.

Khatira Morrison, Regional External Affairs Manager

How can we support the outplacement for one of our high profile managers?

Shannon collaborated with Lettemieke, First Solar’s Vice President of Sustainability, for more than 30 hours of executive coaching on discovering her purpose-focused career target, building a consultancy business, positioning her personal brand and leveraging her networks from previous jobs at Unilever, TetraPak and Sony to create new career opportunities.

How can we get our leadership team to work together towards a new 5-year People & Organization strategy?

I brought Shannon into WWF-UK to advise on the talent attraction, development and retention aspects of a new five-year People and Organisation Strategy. She facilitated interactive workshops with the CEO, Management Team and the HR department, as well as advised on employee engagement and communications strategies for rollout and implementation. She added value to our project with her pro-active support, and fresh perspectives, drawing on her significant experience in the private and NGO sectors and across diverse organisations, with a recruiting and retention focus.

Ajay Barai, Head of Strategic Planning and Performance.

How can we enable our female leadership to develop in male dominated global businesses?

Shannon delivered the keynote speech at Hitachi Europe’s WIN Summit on her 3 Ps - purpose, potential and people. She also designed and delivered a bespoke workshop on personal marketing and networking for career advancement with her proven elevator pitch and LinkedIn Profile marketing tools to help attendees land their next big project. “I was incredibly moved by your personal account, as were many of the women I spoke to at the event. It was a fantastic opening to the day, I believe your keynote really encouraged and allowed participants to talk more openly about their own lives and tell their own story.

Megan Undrell, Senior Consultant and Event Organiser, Hitachi Consulting


Recruited senior leaders for BSR including:

  • Healthcare Manager in NYC
  • Climate Manager in NYC
  • Associate Director of Sustainability
    Management in San Francisco
  • Associate Director of ICT in San Francisco
  • Associate in Paris
  • Associate Director in Hong Kong


We have helped individuals and teams from some of the
world’s most innovative and progressive companies to
maximize their potential and their roles of influence.



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